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Our Dedication to Our Clients

"In the past I have recommended friends to Tara for legal advice, and I would definitely recommend anyone in Santa Barbara to give her a call if they need someone who can help them, but also care about them."

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An Experienced Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer

Save your license. Preserve your rights. Speak with a qualified Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer.

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Juvenile Criminal Defense

Ms. Haaland-Ford is an experienced Santa Barbara juvenile defense lawyer. Let us help your child get the second chance they need.

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Alcohol Related Offenses

We agressively advocate for our clients. Whether you are facing a charge for minor in possession / MIP, public intoxication / DIP, driving under the influence / DUI, or any other alcohol related offense, you need an experienced defense attorney. Let us help.

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Drug Related Offenses

We handle all levels of narcotic related offenses in Santa Barbara. This includes possession, possession for sale, cultivation, and all levels of drug related crimes.

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We are here to help. Speaking with a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney is essential. Contact us today to schedule a FREE confidential initial consultation.

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Being Charged with a crime is a troubling and confusing experience.You likely have a lot of questions with no answers. Your first step is to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Ms. Haaland-Ford offers effective and personalized representation in your time of need.

Preserve Your Rights. Speak With a Qualified Santa Barbara Defense Attorney.

If you, a friend, or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Santa Barbara County, it is essential that you seek the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney in Santa Barbara. Call the Law Offices of Tara Haaland-Ford today at (805) 962-3344 or Contact Us for a FREE Confidential Initial Consultation with a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Santa Barbara, California.

We Handle All Levels of Criminal Defense Matters Including, But Not Limited to:

If You, A Friend, or A Loved One is Facing Criminal Charges in the Greater Santa Barbara Area, Contact the Law Office of Tara Haaland-Ford Today.

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